Kervan : Rivista di Studii Afroasiatici


Kervan – Rivista Internazionale di Studii Afroasiatici / International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies

Sujet : Once a caravan could have traveled (at least, ideally) from Farghana to Ghana, uniting Asia and Africa both in this rhyme and in fact, as happened with Al-Ḥarīrī’s characters. A caravan is the flattering metaphor and the emblematic starting off point of this new journal, so enthusiastically wished for by the teachers of the four disciplines – Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi Languages and Literatures, which are the pillars of the research and teaching of African and Asian cultures at the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Turin University. It would certainly be nearsighted (as well as inaccurate) to maintain that there was a need felt for a new scholarly periodical dedicated to all the contributions of Asian and African civilization within the scope of Italian higher education.

ISSN : 1825-263X

Langue : Allemand, Anglais, Français, Italien

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 800 Littérature


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