Borealis : Journal of Hispanic Linguistics


Borealis – An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics

Sujet : Most journals specifically devoted to the Spanish language adopt a philological perspective which generally focuses on diachronic aspects, literary text analysis and to some extent the interaction between cultural aspects and language. We believe that the field lacks a proper channel to publish specific works about contemporary Spanish, in any of its varieties, that are heavy on data, aim to capturing empirical generalizations over poorly understood phenomena that might not have been noticed before, and then explore the analytical possibilities to explain those generalizations. The International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics aims to filling this gap. It is a biannual, online, open-access journal open to all areas of research inside Hispanic linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, language variation and applied linguistics.

ISSN : 1893-3211

Langue : Anglais, Espagnol

Format : Pdf, Php

Catégorie : 400 Langues


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