Wiener Linguistische Gazette


WLG – Wiener Linguistische Gazette

Sujet : The Wiener Linguistische Gazette – the working papers of the Department of Linguistics at the Univeristy of Vienna – contains current work by linguists, researchers, students and guests of the Department. WLG appears at irregular intervals as submissions are reviewed, but its current issue may be “in progress” in the sense that it is open for new pieces until closed for the archives. Contributions are accepted in English and German, with each article including an abstract in the other language, respectively. Themed issues in the care of guest editors are marked by the letter A in addition to the running number. Unlike regular issues, these special publications are closed as soon as they are online.

Online ISSN : 2224-1876

Print ISSN : 1016-2844

Langue : Allemand, Anglais

Format : Html, Pdf

Catégorie : 400 Langues


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