Performance and Spirituality


Performance and Spirituality

Sujet : Performance and Spirituality is the online, peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for the Study of Performance and Spirituality, the mission of which is to foster deeper research intersections between performance / theatre / media-based art and religion / spirituality. Performance and Spirituality furthers the ISPS mission by fostering and publishing research concerning performances that are informed by or created in affiliation with any religious or spiritual systems. The articles published in Performance and Spirituality may concern any part of the world or any historical periods, and contributions are sought from authors working in various academic and artistic disciplines, and also from those working in and with creative or practice-led research. Performance and Spirituality takes a broad view of “performance’. Conventional theatre, ritual, dance, performance art, live art, improvisational events and happenings, domestic rites and performances, and musical performance all have a place within this journal’s focus of study. The exploration of multi-media and pure-media performance that involves recorded sound, cinema, and digital imagery and sound is also included within the scope of this journal.

ISSN : 2157-4049

Langue : Anglais

Format : Pdf, Php

Catégorie : 700 Arts Loisirs Sports


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