Emerging Theatre Research


Emerging Theatre Research

Sujet : Emerging Theatre Research (ETR) is a peer-reviewed online resource for publication and conversation by emerging theatre and performance scholars for the larger academic community. ETR intends to incite an active academic discourse with papers written by graduate and pre-defense doctoral students. ETR invites Masters students and pre-doctoral defense students to submit historical, ethnographical, theoretical, dramaturgical, and performance-as-research interrogations of theatre and performance. We are pursuing interdisciplinary, intercultural, and intertextual articles with an expansive range: from political theatre to expressionist bodies, from classical performance to the performativity of video games, from theatrical pedagogy and drama therapy to professional wrestling and zombies, from Richard Foreman to the American Broadway musical, and beyond. ETR provides a supportive academic forum for emerging scholars to develop their individual voices within the larger conversation. We believe this discursive engagement begins with the composition and construction of ideas and is carried through in the reading of and responding to others’ work.

ISSN : 2329-1141

Langue : Anglais

Format : Pdf, Php

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