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Upper and Lower Case : Typographic design

A propos : U&lc ceased print publication in the fall of 1999. Over its almost 27 years in hardcopy form, it inspired, informed and delighted readers. In the process, U&lc won over 100 awards for design and typographic excellence from the AIGA, Society of Publication Designers, Type Directors Club, and many other prestigious organizations. U&lc’s tenure was marked by powerful – sometimes brash and always stirring – typographic design. The publication bristled with life and energy. The graphic design community – in addition to illustrators, photographers and calligraphers – eagerly anticipated each issue.

ISSN : 0362-6245

Langue : Anglais

Format : Html, Pdf

Accès : 1988 – 1999

Accès : Les premiers numéros

Catégorie : 6-Techniques680-Fabrications

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